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San Diego State University

Career Services

Yiftach Levy

What I do at Career Services

As an Information Technology Consultant, I provide desktop computer and website support for Career Services staff, student assistants, employer representatives, and students who come in to our office or access our services online. I also maintain and update the department website and social media streams, and administer our online Career Services Management software, Aztec Career Connection, powered by Symplicity. As technology becomes more advanced and, at times, complex, I strive to design effective, enjoyable training for my audiences in and outside the office.

A little bit about myself

I earned my Master of Arts in Educational Technology (now called Learning Design & Technology) at SDSU and my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA. I have worked in industries ranging from farming to construction to childcare and almost everything in between, but I love the higher education environment and look forward to contributing much more to this field. I've loved reading since a very early age.  I read enormous amounts of science fiction in junior and senior high school, and have since expanded my library to include ancient classics, modern fairytales, social commentary, history, fiction, and anything else that strikes my fancy. You can follow along with what I'm currently reading on GoodReads. I also love movies, but as the father of three young children, I tend to watch them on DVD and the Internet now rather than in the theater.

Contact information


Yiftach Levy
Information Technology Consultant

(619) 594-2364